Trumer Scutzbauten GmbH was founded in the early 1990s near Salzburg, Austria. At the time, Trumer worked closely alongside construction companies and stakeholders to help solve their geohazard mitigation needs. It quickly became apparent there was much room for improvement with regards to installation efficiency, system functionality and cost of rockfall catchment fences available on the market. Since 1991, Trumer Schutzbauten GmbH has offered mitigation products for natural hazards.


Rock fall protection barriers serve as a secondary form of defence in possible deposition zones of rock fall, such as collapsed cliffs.

TRUMER offers ideal solutions in such cases for standard applications as well as for challenging territories.

This well-thought-out construction of the complete supporting structure, its modular system design and the unique characteristics of the OMEGA-Net provide the ideal onsite adaptability of the TRUMER barrier for the given topographical conditions. Many of these well-thought-out TRUMER “extras” ultimately lead to simplified application planning, as well as considerable overall savings on time and effort for installation.