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  • The contract with the company STRABAG Belgrad

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  • Cooperation with VECTOR INTEGRA Sarajevo

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  • Corridor VC

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  • Work on Corridor VC

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  • Euro-asfalt Ltd. Sarajevo

    In October 2012, our company in BiH – Diorit d.o.o. ...  Read more

  • Šerif export – import d.o.o. – Zagreb

    The company Šerif export – import d.o.o. – ...  Read more

  • Euro-asfalt Ltd.Sarajevo

    Shortly after, syringe for spraying tunnel type Aliva ...  Read more

  • Visit to company OVM

    Visit to company OVM – agreed cooperation and ...  Read more

A leading product supplier and specialist contractor
OVM systems have successfully worked on numerous projects, including bridges, highways, high-speed railways, buildings, dams, nuclear power plants, and in doing so have achieved worldwide acknowledgement. OVM products are guaranteed by outstanding management. With a strong reputation for reliability, professionalism and innovation...
SAS Sys­tems
Stahl­werk An­na­hu­et­te Sys­tems
SAS Sys­tems
The long tra­di­ti­on of steel ma­nu­fac­tu­ring at the An­na­hu­et­te dates back to the ye­ar 1537. This ma­kes us the most ex­pe­ri­en­ced steel ma­nu­fac­tu­rer in the world. Lo­ca­ted in Ham­merau, Ger­ma­ny, we look back to a con­ti­nued pro­duc­tion of over 475 ye­ars. The main fo­cus was pla­ced on the ma­nu­fac­tu­ring of the hig­hest qua­li­ty steel pro­ducts ima­ginable.
Lider in Austria and around the world.
The products and services offered cover the wide spectrum of geotechnical applications as well as applications in bridge, structural and civi engineering through to underground mining. Also leading the market in geotechnical products, the company specialises in the use of sophisticated tensioning and anchoring systems.

DIORIT Ltd SARAJEVO – quality and customer satisfaction

DIORIT Company established in 2011 and started its journey with a very strong and challenging motto “building solutions together”. We are dedicated to provide high standard quality solutions mainly for high-tech Construction industry. We are not confined to domestic market therefore we have completed very successful projects outside Bosnia and Herzegovina with our daughter company in another country in the Balkan region.

Through our regional offices Diorit provides services in the sector of prestressed structures, prestressing works, various system solutions for a variety of technical engineering purposes, including threaded bar anchors for mining and tunnelling, reinforcement connections, form ties, tie rods, soil nails, micropiles, rock and soil anchors for geotechnical applications, rock drilling tools as well as meshes for slope support project.