DIORIT Company established in 2011 and started its journey with a very strong and challenging motto “building solutions together”. We are dedicated to provide high standard quality solutions mainly for high-tech Construction industry. We are not confined to domestic market therefore we have completed very successful projects outside Bosnia and Herzegovina with our daughter company in another country in the Balkan region. Our continuous dedication to quality and customer satisfaction are the main drivers of this achievement.

Through our regional offices Diorit provides services in the sector of prestressed structures, prestressing works, various system solutions for a variety of technical engineering purposes, including threaded bar anchors for mining and tunnelling, reinforcement connections, form ties, tie rods, soil nails, micropiles, rock and soil anchors for geotechnical applications, rock drilling tools as well as meshes for slope support project.

We have our footprints in numerous projects not only in domestic market, also in all countries in the Balkan region. Products manufactured by Diorit suppliers have been used many years without any problems.

Regarding Diorit product quality approach, everyone from the lowest level of employees up to the highest level are committed to excellence. Customer satisfaction with the high quality production implementation and service is the highest priority for Diorit. To achieve this goal, we see our customers, suppliers and employees as our business partners and indispensable building blocks of our company.

The backbone of the company makes a dynamic team of people with proven experience in large-scale projects, engineering and sales.

  • In the past 6-7 years Diorit is recognized from our partners like very serious company.
  • Diorit has been recognized as a company that can be trusted both by old domestic companies and by large foreign companies operating in the Balkan region.
  • Let's just mention some of which we have achieved very serious cooperation in the construction of bridges, tunnels, slope protection, harbor construction, and various hydro engineering projects:
  • Euro-asphalt doo- Sarajevo, Strabag-Belgrade, Vektor-integra doo- Sarajevo, Integral-inženjering doo- Banja Luka, China road and Bridge Corporation – Podgorica, China Shandong International- Belgrade, Geosonda doo- Belgrade, Ferbild doo- Institute doo- Belgrade, Aqua Mont doo- Belgrade, Maxpro doo- Zemun, Boksita Jajce Mines dd-Jajce, Hyca doo- Belgrade, Fidija – Podgorica etc.


Today the company operates in several directions, and here we note only the most immportant:

Diorit Ltd – Sarajevo is the authorized representative of the company OVM – China, which is only Chinese manufacturer certified with ETA 10/030 for prestressing works, and also has CE certification for different types of bridge bearings.

In the sector of drilling tools, the company Diorit Ltd. Is an authorized distributor of Rockmore International GmbH-Austria. Rockmore offers a wide range of drilling tools (surface and deep drilling, tunneling).

Diorit Ltd – Sarajevo sales package contains a whole set of ground anchors (Rod, Cable, Self-drilling, Plexiglas).We are an authorized agent of ANP System – Austria. The company has all necessary certificates for installation of the ground anchors in the EU.

SAS reinforcing systems are widely used throughout the world in structural engineering as well as buil-ding and road construction. The thread bars of our SAS reinforcing systems have been tried and proven for decades and now play an indispensable role in modern reinforced concrete construction.

Rock fall protection barriers serve as a secondary form of defence in possible deposition zones of rock fall, such as collapsed cliffs. Our partner Trumer, offers ideal solutions in such cases for standard applications as well as for challenging territories.