DIORIT anchor system for tunnelling and mining aplication

Anchor systems are used in various ways in mining and tunnelling constructions and serve to optimize traffic routes or mine raw materials. Dependent on the construction system used, geology of the surrounding rock and hydrological conditions underground, we offer a variety of anchor systems to meet specific project requirements.

SAS anchor systems are available using thread bars in the grades SAS 450/700, SAS 500/550 (with DIBT approval), SAS 650/800, SAS 670/800 and as smooth bars, grade E 360/690-830. The wide range of steel grades ensures technic and economic optimized construction systems.

ANP – Diorit can provide differenth type of SN anchors from standard rebars and SDA anchors for tunnelling construction..

SDA  anchors consist of three main components: the nail head, the steel tendon – including sleeve and single-use drill bit – and the grout body. The steel tendon is a hollow steel bar with coldrolled round thread and can therefore be cut or joined at any desired point.

We can offer SDA bars from R32 mm – 210 kN to R51 mm – 800 kN ultimate load.

SN anchors from rebar we can offer in diferent diameters and steel quality B500 , B670/800.