Diorit has proven as a regional firm that has successfully participated in a number of infrastructure projects in the region as a contractor, or as a supplier of equipment or materials needed to build it. We will only mention some:

  • Hydroelectric plant tunnel Ribnica – KakanjBiH Dzekos d.o.o.- company from Sarajevo (Diorit supply underground drilling rig and loader for excavating material from the tunnel and drilling tools ); Hydroelectric power plant Arilje – SerbiaGeosonda – Belgrade (Diorit supply geotechnical strand anchors)
  • Vektor-integra d.o.o.- Sarajevo, Slope support project Mrtvica 1, 2 – Serbia – Corridor 10, (Diorit supply strand anchors, Gewi® bars and self drilling anchors)
  • Rehabilitation of the slope – Grdelica – Corridor 10, (Main contractor Trace – Bulgaria, subcontractor Hyca-CZ – Diorit supply self drilling anchors )
  • Maxpro d.o.o.- Zemun –  tunnel Predejane – Corridor 10-Serbia (Diorit supply strand anchors) Euro-asphalt – Corridor Vc-overpasses on the Svilaj-Odzak section, (Post tensioning works)
  • Euro-asphalt – Post tensioning  works on the “Ričice” roadway – Zenica bypass – BiH
  • Strabag – “Trebaljevo” bridge – Post-tensioning works -Crna Gora
  • Fidija – “Bijelo Polje” Bridge – Post – tensioning works – Montenegro.
  • Geosonda- Belgrade – Basin of the Pljevlje mine – (Diorit supply self drilling anchors) Montenegro
  • Aqua-mont – Belgrade – Construction of the port “Kostolac”, (Diorit supply strand anchors and Gewi® bars 950/1050)
  • Boksita Jajce mine –Jajce – BiH – Delivery of underground machine for mining operations
  • Euro-asphalt of Sarajevo – Tunnel Ričice and tunnel Pečuj – delivery SDA anchors
  • China Bridge and road construction – Highway Bar-Boljare Monte Negro –  (strand anchors delivery, and Gewi bar delivery)
  • GIM-Građevinski institut Macedonia– Project-konvektorska stanica- Monte Negro etc..(Micropiles)
  • Euro-asfalt d.o.o.-Sarajevo , tunnel „ 8 Mart“ – ( Diorit supply Atlas copco drilling machine + drilling tools and spare parts)…etc..